Endurance Sports V. Cross-training

Right to the meat.

We’re going to break down the difference between endurance exercise (like running or elliptical or biking) vs cross-training (circuit training, olympic weight-lifting, sprints, kettle-bells)


Cross training is a mixture of sustained effort on multiple joints (like hips, knees, shoulders, etc…) spiked with short bursts of all out effort like a shuttle run, you will gain:

  • better cardiovascular endurance
  • increased muscular endurance
  • increased metabolism
  • improved muscular strength



When you go for a long bike ride or run:

  • improved cardiovascular endurance
  • increased metabolism (smaller than cross training)

Your muscles will get good at going in a cycle in a bike ride but try a few sets of deadlift or squat and you will find that the bike ride had little to offer you in strength gains.


Shout out to a few people I noticed that are using the interval training method with Empowered Recreation and got outstanding results this past month. Damn, ya’ll are working so hard:

  1. Eric Vu down is at it again crushing his workouts and now down 6 lbs over the last month.
  2. Rebecca Hurt-Duyer getting ridiculously ripped while prepping for her first figure show April 19th.
  3. Jaime Valdez down under 200 lbs for the first time since he was in 9th grade. 
  4. Travis Foster is down 11 lbs and 3.5 inches in waist in the first 5 weeks of training at ER. 
  5. Tanya Dzhaforova also is absolutely on fire.  She’s shown tremendous consistency and continues to impress with her strength gains.